FOR SALE - PORSCHE 911 3.2 - Targa Turbo Look               


PORSCHE 911 3.2 - Targa Turbo Look                 
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The beautiful Porsche 911 3.2 Targa in Turbo Look below is being sold on behalf of a customer.
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The 911 Turbo Look models were always impressive cars at the time.

The car described below is a beautiful 3.2 Targa from 1987 that was professionally modified in its early years with a WTL look. This was not done with polyester as usual but professionally with metal fenders as was originally provided from the Porsche factory at the time!

This version was carried out by a Porsche dealer, hence the homologation approval sticker in the trunk for this TL.

From model year 1987, this 3.2 Carrera was equipped with a G50 gearbox that replaced the 915 gearbox and was a huge improvement.

"A 911 3.2 standard cost in 1987 about 65,000 euros. For an original factory WTL version with code I491 you paid no less than 80,000 euros. That is a difference of 15,000 euros"

At the time, the Porsche was sold new by the Porsche dealer Danner from Singen in Germany, but has now been in Belgium for quite some time. So it is still a real and rare European car.

The overall condition of this 911 is very good and all documents are present. 


Type: Porsche 3.2 Targa Turbo Look
Color: Venetian Blue
Interior: Combination Blue leather / fabric - carpet floor covering
Year: 1987
Km: 251,754


Explanation of this VIN:

W: Manufacturer's country, West Germany
P: Manufacturer Porsche
0: Sports car
ZZZ: Fill letters for non-US models
91: 2 first digits of the 911 model
Z: Fill letter for non-US models
H: Model year 1987 - (production from Aug 1986 to July 1987)
S: Built at the Stuttgart factory
1: 3rd digits of the 911 model
4: Targa body variant for the European market
0235: Serial number of the vehicle
Here the 235th of this model this year out of a total of 1354 units 

The original Porsche code sticker in the boot lid 


Engine KB / Getriebe KB - Engine code 930.20 87 H 63H 00001> 10000 6ZYL 3,2L 170KW
911/430 = Serial number for build sequence
Lack No: L35U

Porsche is equipped with the following factory-delivered options:

C00: Country Code: Germany
395: 16 ”Fuchs wheels
425: Rear window wiper
473: Front and Rear spoiler
528: Right mirror, electrically adjustable and heated

Identification plate 

Color sticker
The color code is 35U Venezia Blue Metallic
L35U Ventian Blue (1987)
This is the original color of the car 

Homologation E2 approval sticker for Spoilers and Turbo Look 

15R04 - Annexe9 - 83.067 (o.Spoiler)
15R04 - Annexe9 - 83.068 (m.Spoiler)
15R04 - Annexe9 - 83.069 (911TL) 

D'Ieteren PVG sticker = (Porsche Importeur Belgium) 


This is an engine of the correct type and year and the original matching numbers engine number of this car.

- Engine number: * 63H00291 *
- 6 cylinder boxer engine air-cooled
- Engine type (930/20)
- 3164 cc / 170 kW / 231 hp with Bosch LE-Jetronic injection

Gear box:
This is a gearbox of the correct type and the original gearbox number of this vehicle.

Transmission 950/01 74H

- Gearbox number: 73H00957

- Manual 5-speed gearbox (G50) that drives the rear wheels
- Gear box type: 950/01 74H = trans type

Declaration of this type number 950/01 74H:

- 7 = trans for 6 cyl car
- 4 = 5 speed 911
- H = 1987 

The attached Documents

- Registration certificate 19/12/2003 in the name of the owner.
- Inspection certificate issued by BTC Kontich on 12/09/2019 at 251,706 km.
- The vehicle has been periodically inspected for normal use.

- Original user manuals and additional booklets. 



- Original maintenance booklet with the following entries:

          * factory collection dated 


       Last Major Maintenance 12.09.2019                          Brake fluid service 12.09.2019

- The last 2 services from 16.08.2019 and 12.09.2019 were carried out by Porsche Rescue 911 (  
   from Belgium (Antwerp).

* 16.08 - Major overhaul, overhaul of the brake calipers, fuel pump and various parts for an amount of € 4,866.94
* 12.09 - Brake discs, ball joint, main brake cylinder, 4 new tires for an amount of 3,677.08 on 251,709 km.

Continental tires were fitted in size 205/55 ZR16 at the front, size 245 / 45ZR16 at the rear on original Fuchs alloy wheels.

The car has not driven 100 km since the last inspection. 

Valuation file:
The valuation report is from 15.04.2021


The car is in good condition and has a good shine and is homogeneous in color. Normal signs of use, but no damage anywhere.
All body panels are nice and tight and the reveals between the different body panels run parallel.
The trunk with matching upholstery is in good original condition. The targa roof is in good condition.
The car is fitted with original Carrera spoilers at the front and rear.
The wheels are the original Fuchs alloy rims, mounted with wheel spacers.
The Continental tires are new, size 205/55 ZR16 at the front and 245 / 45ZR16 at the rear.

Info from the 911 3.2 1987

In 1987, after 24 years of technical innovation, Porsche launched the new Porsche 911 Carrera.
The 3.2 liter flat-six already produces 231 hp at 5,900 rpm. and torque increases to 265 Nm at 4,800 rpm.
This brings its time from zero to 100 in 5.6 seconds. The gear lever and gearbox were also replaced. The 915 gearbox that had been in service for years had a hard time with the higher torque and that is why Porsche switched to the Getrag G50 5-speed. A lot of braking power is needed to stop this monster, so the brake discs were enlarged to 24mm which also helped to prevent overheating. 


Foto copyright Porsche Rescue 911





Foto copyright Porsche Rescue 911




Foto copyright Porsche Rescue 911



Film copyright Porsche Rescue 911

Foto copyright Porsche Rescue 911

The car is equipped with its original emergency wheel, original support and an original set of on-board tools.

Foto copyright Porsche Rescue 911

The chassis is in original and good condition with no traces of repairs.
There are normal traces of use and pollution, but no damage or rust.

 The protective layer is the original in good condition.

The engine shows no traces of oil leakage
The exhaust collector is in original condition with normal signs of age

The gearbox shows no traces of oil leakage.

The car is equipped with a power braking system according to original specifications with 4 disc brakes.
The braking system is visually in well-maintained condition.
The calipers were overhauled.
The front brake discs have been renewed.




Fuchs rims with new tires - left side


Fuchs rims with new tires - right side



Foto copyright Porsche Rescue 911

There are normal traces of use and pollution, but no damage or rust.







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